Sexy jurkjes en stijlvolle celebs bij Sheila de Vries (zie foto’s!)

Zaterdag stonden de modellen van Sheila de Vries in de meest schitterende, fleurige en sexy jurken op de catwalk in het Hilton in Amsterdam. Maar uiteraard hadden ook de aanwezige celebs weer veel moeite gedaan om er schitterend uit te zien, maar of dat nu wel altijd zo geslaagd was…
Jim Hoogendorp was er bij en legde hen op de gevoelige plaat.

Onder de mannelijke modellen overigens ook de vriend van Gordon; het Haagse model Sander.

Fotografie: Jim Hoogendorp –

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  1. encadoreansic

    Hey I saw this on E! news…. Do you guys think people should keep pets that are so dangerous when they have little kids?

    Another sad dose of real life has hit the family of a reality TV star.

    The 4-year-old daughter of Ax Men slinger Jesse Browning has been mauled to death by the family’s Rottweiler.

    Ashlynn Anderson’s body was discovered by her mother outside on the lawn Sunday, according to officials in Astoria, Ore., where the family resides.

    “Apparently, the dog just snapped,” says Clatsop County Sheriff Tom Bergin. “We have detectives working on investigating set the dog off]…We are going to give the family a day or two to grieve before we interview them.”

    Browning called 911 and the girl was airlifted to a Portland hospital, but pronounced dead on arrival.

    There was no immediate comment from the History Channel, which airs the popular lumberjack series.

    Bergin says the attack came four months to the day after deputies removed a Rottweiler from the premises after it attacked an adult family member; that animal was euthanized. The Brownings’ two other Rottweilers have been quarantined at a shelter and are awaiting their fate.

    “It’s from my understanding…only one of the dogs was involved in the attack but both dogs were seized by animal control services,” said Alan Oja, assistant chief of the Astoria Police Department, which received the initial dispatch.

    “It’s a terrible tragedy.”

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